Coir Fibre Bale

Coir Fibre Bale is produced from 100% Coconut Fibre. Our product is made from natural Fibre taken from Coconut husk, cleaned and compressed into Bales.
Coir Fibre Bale is used as raw material for Automobile Upholstery ( Car Seats/Dashboard ),

Geo-Textile, Coir Spring Mattresses, Furniture, Erosion control and Drainage Filtering and much more.

Specifications of Coir Fibre Bale are mentioned below
PRODUCT NAME Coir Fibre Bale
WEIGHT 140 - 150 KG Net Per BalePer Mega Coil
MOISTURE Less Than 18% Meter Reading
LOAD ABILITY 22 - 23 M/Ton Per 40 HC Container
09 - 10 M/Ton Per 20 GP Container