Chamaka Lanka Coconut Products Exporters was founded in 1990 and were well stablished as Chamara Fiber Mills since 1996.

Chamaka Lanka Coconut Products Exporters is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the production of coir based products since 2015.
Our products are currently exported to USA, Russia, Europe, China and South Korea .

Our business currently operates under the management and supervision of Mr. J V S Weerakoon and Mrs. W P C Weerasinghe.

Mr. J V S Weerakoon is the founder of the company and has an experience over 40 years in coir industry.
Our 4 main production sites are situated within coconut triangle in Sri Lanka. Which has a wide selection of coconut husks and fiber which are taken to our production process. Hence we are enriched with the best coir fiber in the world. Our production lines are 100% natural and eco friendly.
And we are glad to have highly motivated management while we have over 60 employees which are dedicated to ensure the quality of our products and with a passion to offer the best service
to our buyers




“To be the unparalleled leader in manufacturing and exporting of coir products in Sri Lanka”


Continuous growth through research and innovation while maintaining a world class customer service with guaranteed on time delivery and trusted after sales services.